New England Patriots’ Wide Receiver Danny Amendola and his Catches for Kids Foundation brought over 100 students from Cathedral High School to training camp Thursday morning for an unforgettable VIP experience. 

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By attending a New England Patriots practice at Gillette Stadium, Cathedral High Schools students were able to see the discipline and commitment shown by the team.  

Following practice, Amendola spoke to the students about how to display perseverance and hard work both on and off the field and the importance of education in achieving success.

“Without an education, it is really difficult to get anywhere in life,” said Amendola. “I am just trying to do as much as I can to make sure that all of these kids get the opportunity to succeed and realize their dreams, because every kid deserves that – no matter where they come from or where they go to school.”

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Community outreach programs like the training camp visit are made possible by donors like you.

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